Preliminary program

10-05-2018, Thursday

14.00 – 20.00 Registration
14.00 Opening of the exhibition
18.00 Opening Ceremony
Chair: Dalius Vitkus,
Dalius Vitkus (LT), LLMD President, Welcome address
Howard Morris (AU), IFCC President.
Giuseppe Lippi (IT), EFLM Welcome Address.
Algirdas Utkus (LT), Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University, President of the Lithuanian Society of Human genetics
18.30 Howard Morris (AU), Opening Lecture I. Evaluating the value of laboratory medicine
19.15 Kęstutis Grinius (LT), Opening Lecture II. Baltic States: 1918 – 2018
19.45 Concert
20.15 Get together


11-05-2018, Friday

9.00 – 9.45 Plenary lecture

Giuseppe Lippi (IT), Improving quality in the preanalytical phase

Chair: Dalius Vitkus (LT)

9.45 – 10.15 Coffee break
10.15 – 12.00 From pre- to post-analytics



Chair: Tomas Kačergius (LT)

Genetics and genomics in human populations


Chair: prof. Vaidutis Kučinskas (LT)

10.15 – 10.45 Gabriel Lima Oliveira (IT). Preanalytical phase management and prevention of the laboratory errors


10:15-10:45 Yehuda Carmeli (IL). Colistin for carbapenem resistant gram-negative rods 10:15-10:35 Tautvydas Rančelis (LT) Whole exome sequencing methods aid in revealing more frequent pathogenic variants of rare diseases in small populations.
10.45 – 11.15 Agnes Ivanov (EE) What factors affecting the laboratory test results? 10:45-11:05 Anastasia Pavelkovich (EE). Genetic diversity of carbapenem non-susceptible clinical strains of Enterobacteriaceae from 9 European countries 10:35-10:55 Violeta Mikštienė (LT)

The genomics of congenital / hereditary hearing loss: influence on pathogenesis and the phenotypic manifestation in the Lithuanian population

11.15-11.30 Anita Woolley, Steve Kitchen (UK)

Rejection and replacement rates for coagulation samples: automated checks improve detection of haemolysis and tube under-filling

11:05-11:45 Frieder Schaumburg (DE) Global spread of antimicrobial resistance 10:55-11:15 Laura Pranckėnienė (LT) Distribution and rates of exonic de novo mutations in patients with intellectual disability
11.30 – 11.45 Valdas Banys (LT). In freezer storage of plasmas for delayed coagulation factors testing does not affect the results 11:45-12:15 Jonna Pelanti (FI) Experiences of pre-analytical EQA in microbiology 11:15-11:35 Alma Molytė, Alina Urnikytė (LT)

A Comparative analysis of effective population size in six ethnolinguistic groups of the Lithuania population.

11.45 – 12.00 Ieva Jūra Paulavičienė, Vytautas Usonis, Arūnas Liubšys, Laima Tamulienė, Rimutė Vaitkevičiene, Rymanta Gudaitienė, Laimutė Strupienė (LT). Using a human milk analyser in clinical practice: circadian changes of human milk composition 11:35-11:55 Dace Pjanova, Aija Ozola (LV) Melanoma predisposition genetics and use of HaloPlexTM platform to assess mutations in high risk genes in Latvian population
11:55-12:00 Discussion
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch. Hall BETA
13.00 – 13.30 Poster session. LOBBY
13.30 – 14.15 Plenary lecture

Howard Morris (AU), Bone and vitamin D metabolism


14.15 – 16.30 Hall ALFA Hall ZETA Hall LAMBDA
Bone metabolism


Cytopathology and oncology


Genetics and genomics in human pathology

Chair: prof. Vaidutis Kučinskas (LT)

14.15 – 15.00 Agu Tamm (EE) The development of the paradigm of osteoarthritis /osteoarthrosis within the last decade, including the role of biomarkers 14.15 – 15.00 Donatas Petroška  (LT) Liquid based cytology: clinical cases (to be confirmed) 14.15 – 14.40 Sander Pajusalu (EE)

Next generation sequencing in diagnostics of rare genetic disorders – the Estonian experience

15.00 – 15.15 Valentina Ginevičienė (LT). Prevalence of risk alleles in collagen-encoding genes variants in Lithuanian football palyers 15.00 – 15.30 Jana Žodžika (LV) Comparison of liquid based and conventional Leishman stain cervical cytology 14:40-15:00 Laima Ambrozaitytė (LT)

Complexity of genetic diagnostics of prenatal cases

15.15 – 15.30 Karel Tomberg (EE). Effect of storage time on crystals in synovial fluid: single centre experience 15.30 – 15.50 Kristiina Kurg, Kadri Õunap, Liisi Võsa, Ülo Maiväli, Marina Teras, Anu Planken, Mart Ustav, Reet Kurg (EE). Antibody response against cancer-testis antigens MAGEA4 and MAGEA10 in melanoma patients 15.00 – 15.20 Jurgita Skiecevičienė (LT)

Gut microbiota in Health and Disease (Institute for Digestive research, LUHS, Kaunas)

15.50 – 16.10 Nadežda Lachej, Violeta Jonušienė, Aušra Sasnauskienė, Daiva Dabkevičienė, Augustina Gasianec, Janina Didžiapetrienė (LT) The activity of NOTCH signaling pathway in human endometrial cancer 15:20-15:35 Kristina Grigalionienė (LT)

Comprehensive analysis of mitochondrial DNA in patients with suspected mitochondrial disorder

15:35-15:50 Beata Aleksiūnienė (LT)

Identification of rare copy number variants in patients with congenital heart diseases

15:50-16:05 Birutė Burnytė (LT)

Genetic diagnostic utility in a cohort of patients with hereditary neuropathy

16:05-16:20 Evelina Siavrienė (LT)

Functional genome analysis in patients with intellectual disability“

16.20– 16.30 Discussion
16.00 – 16.30 Break
16.30-17.15 Hall ALFA Hall ZETA Hall LAMBDA
Industry workshop I Industry workshop II Industry workshop III
Abbott INBIO. Molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases  


12-05-2018, Saturday

9.00 – 9.45 Plenary lecture

Steve Kitchen (UK), DOACs: Laboratory issues and International Council for Standardisation in Haematology (ICSH) recommendations for their measurement

Chair: Valdas Banys (LT)

9.45 – 10.15 Coffee break
10.15 – 12.15 Hematology

Chair: Reda Matuzevičienė (LT)

Marika Pikta (EE)

Atherosclerosis and cardiac damage

Chair: Zita Aušrelė Kučinskienė (LT)

10.15 – 11.00 Industry workshop IV

Labquality.  Jukka Korhonen (FI) Integrated EQA – An advanced approach to external quality assessment

10.15 – 10.55 Maria Proytcheva (USA)

ICSH Guidelines on Peripheral Blood Cell Morphology and Grading

10.15 – 11.00 Gustavs Latkovskis (LV). Familial hypercholesterolemia: lipid evaluation, diagnosis and principles of management 11.15 – 12.00 Industry workshop V
10.55 – 11.15 Marika Pikta (EE) Improvement in von Willebrand disease laboratory diagnostics as a result of Tallinn-Helsinki Twinning Program 11.00 – 11.25 Dovilė Karčiauskaitė (LT) Evaluation of chronic psychological stress and its association with atherosclerosis  
11.15 – 11.35 Timea Szanto (FI) VWD re-classification 11.25 – 11.45 Aušra Mongirdienė (LT) Effect of free radicals on platelet activity: origin, targets and consequences of action  
11.35 – 11.55 Valdas Banys (LT) Thrombin time: the old and forgotten 11. 45 – 12.05 Vytautas Žėkas (LT) Endothelial microvesicles in subclinical atherosclerosis  
11.55 – 12.15 Sonata Trakymienė (LT) Case reports in pediatric hematology and hemostasis  
12.00 – 13.00 Lithuanian coffee break. Hall BETA
Hall ALFA Hall ZETA  
13.00 – 14.30 POCT and new perspectives  in Laboratory Medicine



Chair: Silvija Kiverytė (Lithuania)

13.00 – 13.25 Jari Hirvonen (FI) Point-of-care compatible rapid molecular test systems in clinical microbiology – Pros and cons 13:00-13:25 Robert Skov (DK) Pitfalls in susceptibility testing of staphylococcus  
13:25-13.50 Agnes Ivanov (EE) Looking at POCT through different lens 13:25-13:45 Vilma Jeršovienė (LT) The role of HPV on sperm parameters  
13.50-14:15 Neeme Tõnisson (EE) Personalised medicine initiatives in Estonia – return of data to participants of Estonian Genome Center, upcoming national pilot projects. 13:45-14:30 Jesper  Bonde (DK) HPV based primary cervical cancer screening: How deep goes the Rabbit hole?  
14.30 Closing Ceremony